I’ve heard a lot of people talk about superpowers over the years, and I never really knew if I had one of my own. I wasn’t especially great at math. English wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t a great musician or artist. So, what the hell was my superpower?

I found a great explanation of this in the book Play to Win by Hersch Wilson and Larry Wilson.

The authors talk about being at a seminar, and the speaker presented a graph. It asks the question: “Which of the four quadrants does our society value most?”

First Quadrant: Hard to do & hard to learn

Second Quadrant: Hard to do & easy to learn

Third Quadrant: Easy to do & hard to learn

Fourth Quadrant: Easy to do & don’t remember learning it

Most answered that hard to do and hard to learn were what society valued most.

The speaker then asked, “Do you know what’s easy to do, but you don’t remember learning?” The answer: your talent, aka your superpower!

Most people don’t value their superpower because it wasn’t hard to learn or hard to do. But that is your talent and the superpower God gave to you to make the world a better place! And each one of us (yes, all of us) has at least one superpower.

I spent years of my life beating myself up for not having a degree, for not being smart enough, *insert ugly adjective here*… the list went on and on. And all of those “should have’s” and “shouldn’t have’s” were getting in my way. All of those “brules” (aka bullshit rules) that Vishen Lakhiani talks about in The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. These rules are the things our parents, teachers and friends told us. What we should be, what we shouldn’t be, and what we are good at really bring no value to life.

You have a superpower, maybe even more than one. Do you know what it is? If not, make a list of things that are easy to do, that you don’t remember learning, and you’ll have your answer.

Life is good.


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